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Revenge of the Cybermen

Revenge of the Cybermen
TV serial
Series Doctor Who
Date of composition March 1975
Opus number (No opus number)
Type of work Music for an episodic television series
Duration 26 mins
Musical forces Trumpet in B flat/Piccolo Trumpet/Cornett, Tenor/Bass Trombone/Alto Trombone/Ophicleide/Serpent, Percussion (2 players/18 instruments)
Commissioner BBC-tv
Writer Gerry Davis
Producer Philip Hinchcliffe
Director Michael E. Briant
Recording session 1975
Session information Recorded by Michael Laird (Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet, Cornett and percussion) and Alan Lumsden (Trombones, Ophicleide, Serpent and percussion)
Publication status Manuscript
Archive location British Film Institute (BFI)
Archive contents
  • Original bound music manuscript
  • BBC rehearsal scripts for episodes I–IV
  • Various assorted miscellaneous notes and correspondence
  • Notes Serial in four 25-minute episodes; parts of the music were treated by the Radiophonic Workshop
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