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A Carey Blyton Shoal of Fishes

A Carey Blyton Shoal of Fishes
Year of publication 2016
Type of work CD recording
CD Duration 00:55:50
Performers Chameleon Arts Wind Quintet; Harriet Adie, harp; Derek Foster, vibraphone; Ian Partridge, narrator
Publisher Sleeveless Records
Notes All world première recordings
Track listing
1A Shoal of Fishes1: Tobiuo or Tobiuwo (Flying Fish)1:38
22: Suzuki (Japanese Sea-Perch)1:30
33: Ebi (Shrimp)0:55
44: Shima-hata (Grouper)1:35
55: Ai (Trout)1:01
66: Akadai, Kurodai (Bream)0:50
77: Bora (Common Grey Mullet)0:55
88: Koi (Carp)1:10
99: Saba or Hirasaba (Mackerel)1:34
10A Catch for Wind InstrumentsPrelude (‘Sumer is icumen in’)0:58
11  1: The Gudgeon0:49
12  2: The Loach0:51
13  3: The Minnow or Penk0:29
14  4: The Carp0:35
15  5: The Umber or Grayling1:05
16  6: The Eel0:49
17  7: The Luce or Pike0:42
18  8: The Miller’s Thumb or Bullhead0:41
19  9: The Sticklebag1:10
2010: The Dace or Dare0:43
2111: The Tench1:18
2212: The Pearch0:53
2313: The Pope or Ruffe1:12
2414: The Chavender or Chub0:33
2515: The Bream1:17
2616: The Trout0:54
2717: The Bleak or Freshwater Sprat0:23
2818: The Roach1:53
2919: The Barbel1:18
3020: The Rud0:49
3121: The Salmon0:44
32Postlude (‘Sumer is icumen in’)1:07
33Five Diversions1: Vacilación (Habañera)2:54
342: The Lake at Evening2:14
353: The Girl with the Auburn Hair2:44
364: Twilit Willows2:15
375: A Little Waltz1:40
38Carp in the Rain4:27
39The Indian Coffee House Roof Garden Orchestra Tango: Last Tango in Pondicherry1:53
40A Little Trio for Wind Instruments1: Fanfare1:28
412: Faburden (Brittany Beach)1:44
423: Finale (Memories of the Opera)2:03
Total duration:55:50


The Shoal of Fishes design is terrific – a lovely presentation and certainly “stands out from the crowd”. Many thanks indeed.

Mary Blyton, composer’s window (private correspondence), October 2016

Before I had even played any of the music, I realised at once that this was a ‘quality item’. The presentation box, the booklet and the explanatory notes all combine to make it a very attractive publication for potential buyers.

Frank Bayford, Private correspondence, October 2016

Love your design!

Michael Ponder, Sound Engineer/Producer (private correspondence), October 2016

The composer of hit children’s song Banana [sic] in Pyjamas (and nephew of Enid), Carey Blyton proves himself an artful composer in this charming, well performed collection of fishy wind quintets [sic]. ★★★

Rebecca Franks, BBC Music Magazine, January 2017 (Vol. 25, no 4), December 2016

…the booklet is delightfully littered with coloured drawings of various fish […] and has been beautifully designed…

Gary Higginson, MusicWeb International, December 2016

The performances, it seems to me, could not be bettered.

Gary Higginson, MusicWeb International, December 2016

…this disc is the exquisitely colourful fruit of a collaboration between the Carey Blyton Trust and Peter Thompson’s Fand Music Press.

Rob Barnett, MusicWeb International, December 2016

The music speaks of a salubrious and dignified creative imagination. Carey Blyton knew music’s art and craftsman’s measure and wrote nothing ugly or dull or at odds with art or craft.

Rob Barnett, MusicWeb International, December 2016

…a disc that moves from approaches to the sublime to the broadest humour.

Rob Barnett, MusicWeb International, December 2016