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Oceani Luni: The Oceans of the Moon

Oceani Luni: The Oceans of the Moon
Theme and Eight Variations for Guitar
Date of composition November 1975
Opus number 75
Type of work Concert music
Duration 18 mins
Musical forces Guitar
First performance 1990
First performance information First performance in the UK given by Donald Bousted at the British Music Information Centre, London, 1990
Publisher Edizioni Bèrben
Notes Written for, and edited by, Angelo Gilardino; movements are: 1. The Sea of Fertility (Mare fœcunditas); 2. The Sea of Rains (Mare imbrium); 3. The Sea of Cold (Mare frigoris); 4. The Sea of Crises (Mare crisium); 5. Theme: “To the moon”; 6. The Sea of Clouds (Mare nubium); 7. The Sea of Tranquillity (Mare tranquillitatis); 8. The Lake of Dreams (Lacus somniorum); 9. The Ocean of Storms (Oceanus procellarum); the theme ‘To the moon’ is taken from Lachrymae, op. 23