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for Piano
Date of composition October 1960
Opus number 31a
Type of work Concert music
Duration 5¼ mins
Musical forces Piano
First performance 1975
First performance information First performance by Laurence Gerrish in “Carey Blyton—A 25 Years Retrospective (1950–1975)”, a Barming Music Society/BBC Radio Medway programme in 1975
Publisher Modus Music
Notes Originally published by Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew; Pastoral republished by Fraser–Enoch Publications, 1985; movements are: 1. Waltz (Passacaglia); 2. Pastoral (Chaconne); 3. The Organ-grinder (Ostinato)
Richard Deering, Piano
  I: Waltz (Passacaglia)
 II: Pastoral (Chaconne)
III: The Organ-grinder (Ostinato)
From the CD Carey Blyton: The Piano Music
Carey Blyton, Piano
  I: Waltz (Passacaglia)
 II: Pastoral (Chaconne)
III: The Organ-grinder (Ostinato)
We apologise for the extremely poor sound quality; the original recording was made on 78 RPM shellac disc and later transferred onto low-quality audio cassette, with the result that it suffered from both the hisses and pops of vinyl and the muffled sound of tape. Attempts were made to clean up the audio during computer transfer, but the scope for improvement was strictly limited.


…in which art is successfully concealed under a light and attractive style.

Musical Opinion, September 1961

Carey Blyton is one of the more promising of the saner young composers, and I was attracted to these pieces in which strict forms are cleverly concealed under a light and melodious appearance.

Pianomaker, September 1961

These moderately easy pieces by a young composer of distinction offer an attractive addition to the repertoire of piano music in a contemporary but approachable idiom.

Music Teacher, December 1961

…These three pieces are constructively interesting … yet all falls delightfully upon the ear—art rises triumphantly above artifice.

Music Trades Review, March 1962

…All obviously attractive, musically.

Kentish Times, 16th October 1964