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Three Moods

Three Moods
for Violin and Piano
Date of composition May 1952, revised Winter 1961–2
Opus number 13
Type of work Concert music
Musical forces Violin and Piano
Publisher Edizioni Bèrben
Notes Published in the composer’s facsimile, 1990
Hugh Bean, Violin • Carey Blyton, Piano
  I: Allegro agitato e passionato
 II: Andantino espressivo
III: Poco allegro: gajo
We apologise for the extremely poor sound quality; the original recording was made on 78 RPM shellac disc and later transferred onto low-quality audio cassette, with the result that it suffered from both the hisses and pops of vinyl and the muffled sound of tape. Attempts were made to clean up the audio during computer transfer, but the scope for improvement was strictly limited.


…many members of the audience considered these to contain his best work. Certainly these ‘moods’ proved Blyton has a recognisable style.

Beckenham Journal, 4th July 1952